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Fishing Rod

Liansi fishing rod covers/sleeves prevent rod tangles and are easy to use. Their unique braided construction and
wide expandability means easy&off installation.They may be used over large line guides on fully rigged rod.Liansi
rod covers are great in boat rod lockers,rod storage tubes,in the back of your truck or going to and from the boat.


*Prevents tangled rods
*Easy take and puch on & push off installation
*Protects rod guides & tips from damage
*Easy to apply and slip on quickly over irregular shapes
*Great in rods lockers
*Impervious to mold or mildew
*Breathable & wont retain water
*Snagged hooks easily removed
*Resizable & accepted different lengths
*High abrasion resistance
*Cost effective & economical compared to repairs
*Available in multiple sizes & great colors
*Best for rods up to 7-1/2 feet
*Available for Flying,Casting & Spinning rods




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